Our Competitive Advantages


As the pioneer and leader in the specialist jack-in-piling system, we have a niche to secure more demanding high-value projects, typically found in the urban areas, as our system is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

With the largest fleet of jack-in piling machines in Malaysia, coupled with the newest model and latest technology, we are able to optimize our resources by deploying the best strategic fit machines for the project.

Our excellent track record of project deliveries has resulted in a steady growth of business from existing clients while attracting new high profile clients.

Our strong priority on maintaining a good working relationship with our clients, coupled with our success in completing projects on a timely basis and maintaining a high quality of work has resulted in a strong foundation of trust which will support business growth.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is a benchmark that reassures our customers of our commitment to ensure consistency in quality and timeliness in our project deliverables, which has helped built trust in our group’s services, driving the growth of our Group.

Our experienced management team comprises highly capable and dedicated professionals with extensive management, operational, industry expertise and experience ensures projects are executed safely, efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to Health, Safety and Environment is strictly implemented at worksites to provide a safe, healthy and conducive working environment for staff, contractors and service providers while ensuring our operations leave minimal impact on the environment.

Besides the private sector, our classification as a G7 contractor with unlimited contract value with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia provides opportunities for the company to tender for government projects to replenish our order book.

We hold the distributorship of jack-in-piling machinery for Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd, one of China’s leading piling machinery manufacturer and one of the largest in the world, provides opportunities for organic growth while strengthening our partnership.

We also hold the distributorship of construction and mining equipment in certrain Australian territories from Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


We are a leading jack in piling contractor with vast and varied experience in foundation works. We have achieved impressive growth, supported by an experienced management team and an expanding fleet of machinery, to undertake numerous government and private projects.

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