The jack-in piling system is a relatively modern deep foundation pilling system where dead weights are used to exert pressure to drive piles into the ground.

With more than 10 years of experience in employing this piling system, the project team well-versed with the intricate technical aspects to ensure smooth and efficient project deliveries.

The jack-in pilling system is classified as a displacement pile system whereby soil is displaced during the driving process. When the piles are hydraulically jacked into the ground, the displacement causes the surrounding soils to compress against the jack-in piles resulting in an increased load-bearing capacity.

It is also considered to be more environmental friendly compared to a replacement system, as it eliminates excavation, resulting in lower volume of waste and higher cost savings in site clean-up.

The jack-in piling pilling system is commonly used for medium loaded structures such as residential or commercial buildings. As the jack-in pilling system does not produce as much noise or vibration as compared to other piling systems, it is suitable to use for projects in urban areas where residents are sensitive to noise and vibrations.

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We are a leading jack in piling contractor with vast and varied experience in foundation works. We have achieved impressive growth, supported by an experienced management team and an expanding fleet of machinery, to undertake numerous government and private projects.

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