We are primarily a piling and foundation service contractor. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Jack-In-Pile (M) Sdn Bhd, has been operating in the Malaysian construction industry since its inception in 2006.

One of the largest piling companies in Malaysia, we are the pioneers of jack-in piling system for piling works required in the construction of buildings and infrastructures. The piling works and foundation services are usually carried out before the construction of a superstructure. A solid foundation is critical as it must be constructed properly in order to transfer the loads from the building to the layers of soil or rock with sufficient load bearing capacity and acceptable settlement characteristics.

We generally assume the role of main contractor in our piling and foundation projects. With our in-house technical team, we are positioned as a leading comprehensive and professional one-stop piling and foundation services to our customers. With our seamless co-ordination of technical design, work implementation and our remarkable fleet of machinery, we have the leading edge as the preferred piling specialist contractor.

We provide environmentally friendly and efficient piling as our machines are:

  • SILENT : piling without noise pollution
  • VIBRATION FREE : eliminates the risk of damage to adjacent
  • VERSATILE : side-jacking allows for piling at confined areas
  • MULTI PURPOSE : the machine itself acts as kentledge for load test
  • SPEEDY : jacking speed of up to 5.6 metres per minute
  • PRACTICAL : on board crane allows for self hoisting of piles
  • MOBILE : generator attached to machine allows for mobility on site
  • EXPEDIENT : customized pile-cutter and CO2 welding provides speed safety



We are a leading jack in piling contractor with vast and varied experience in foundation works. We have achieved impressive growth, supported by an experienced management team and an expanding fleet of machinery, to undertake numerous government and private projects.

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